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Card Bling January 2024

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CB January 2024
1/2 Tablespoon of Confetti
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This set will include 1/2 tablespoon bags of the following Bling:

Whiteout Mix

Satin Matte Dark Chartreuse

Satin Matte Light Powder Blue

Satin Matte Pink

Satin Matte Navy

Satin Matte White

Opalescent Maui

Opalescent Peony

Opalescent Margarita

Satin Matte Light Purple

Satin Matte Dark Purple

Opalescent Cashmere

Metallic Aztec gold

Metallic Gold

Metallic Red

Metallic Turquoise

Black Glossy

Crystal Iris Seaspray

Hologram Silver

Inferno Blend

Crystal Metallic Calypso